Saturday, 04 July 2020

'Timicoin,' First Mobile Platform to Deploy Blockchain Technology to Store and Access Medical Records, Retains TransMedia to Tell Its Disruptive Story

TransMedia Group ( said it will introduce Timicoin (, world's first cryptocurrency blockchain mobile platform for storing medical records that can be safely accessed from anywhere.

"TransMedia will present Timicoin's ingenious proprietary blockchain solution to sharing medical records worldwide featuring a two-step authentication procedure with instantaneous doctor/patient notification," said TransMedia Group CEO Tom Madden.

"Our publicity will show how Timicoin digitally improves and disrupts medical record keeping with its revolutionary enterprise solution that also protects against ransomware and other attacks, while providing unique mobility and ultra-safe access," he said.

"We selected TransMedia to deliver the Timicoin message that we're first to bring blockchain security and mobility to medical records because of the PR firm's experience in healthcare innovations," said Will Lowe, Timicoin CEO and Co-Founder with Ramiro Pequeno.

TransMedia plans to present Timicoin as the innovative leader in the blockchain technology space focused on medical history.

"The Timicoin solution is exciting as I've always felt all doctors and patients should have access to medical records at their fingertips," said Lowe.

"Just imagine the comfort this provides to millions of tourists traveling the world as they now possess a mobile health information platform accessible from anywhere."

TransMedia will introduce industry professionals and consumers to Timicoin and brand its impact on doctors & patients, as well as on travelers, seniors and families with young children.

"We'll emphasize this breakthrough technology can be lifesaving as it provides medical information in a few clicks, creating a sense of comfort for tourists who can quickly access their medical history from anywhere," said Madden.

TransMedia will arouse media interest in Timicoin as a disrupter in an industry that has for the most part stayed technologically behind, said TransMedia PR Director Rebecca Shpektor.

"We'll report on Timicoin's upcoming debut and how its disruptive technology was received at the Dallas Block Chain Super Conference Feb 17-19."

Timicoin comes at a time healthcare is shifting towards a digital transformation with companies like Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase planning to disrupt with its own solution for an industry reeling from inefficiencies created by a web of doctors, hospitals, insurers and pharmaceutical companies.

As each new technology is prone to cyberattack, Timicoin has patent-pending solutions to securing patient data, while providing unprecedented portability.

Media contact, Rebecca Shpektor 561-750-9800 x2220; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SOURCE TransMedia Group

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