Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Cisco Wins Patent to Build Blockchain-Based Security System for 5G Networks

Cisco has recently been awarded a new patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The new patent details how to use Blockchain technology to secure data in the 5G networks.

According to the patent filings, which was first submitted in June 2018 identifies a Blockchain platform that can be leveraged to integrate wireless networks.

The primary aim is that Cisco will manage the data sessions between the virtual network and the user’s device using a native blockchain platform.

This way, the patent describes how this platform can be used to support the network slices, which are the architecture that supports the several independent networks as they use the same infrastructure simultaneously.

The filling said, "This service-oriented architecture supports network slices, which employ an isolated set of programmable resources that can implement individual network functions and/or application services through software programs within a respective network slice, without interfering with other functions and services on coexisting network slices."

Cisco is also far from being the first company to explore this niche. Some of the companies are starting to use the Internet of Things(IoT) technology together with the Blockchain.

Companies such as the BNY Mellon, Chronicled, Filament and Bosch are all using the Hyperleder Blockchain in order to protect their IoT products and achieve more decentralization and efficiency.

According to the announcement, Cisco has recently started a new partnership with the SingularityNet, an intelligence service provider. The partnership was made to decentralize AI systems and to improve their efficiency with the help of Blockchain.

IBM, another big technology company, is doing the same thing. Moreover, the giant has filed for a patent which allows them to build a Blockchain-based system that will prevent theft from drone deliveries.

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