Friday, 10 July 2020

Eterbase Introducing Negative Trading Fees

Let us introduce — negative trading fees!

We have listened to our community, traders, market makers and partners. As a result, we have decided to amend our fee schedule accordingly.

In order to differentiate Eterbase from other platforms, we have decided to introduce negative trading fees for all market making orders executed by Premium 5 and higher membership tiers.

Put it bluntly, if you were to put limit order into our order-book and this order get executed normally the exchange would get fees from both market maker and market taker (or from both sides of trade).

In our case if you have locked 1,000,000 XBASE tokens and had activated your Premium 8 Membership (eligible to receive 100% fee split) in the past you would be getting all fees collected in the process.

For example, in mathematical terms — if 100 ETH limit order placed by Premium 8 Member gets executed by Basic Member the fees deducted would represent 0.09 ETH (or 0,09% taker fee as per our new fee scheduled).

This fee of 0.09 ETH would be directly credited to the above mentioned Premium 8 Member account — hence negative trading fees.

In essence, traders and market makers can make fees just from their orders being executed in the same way as exchanges do.

We hope that these mechanics will bring more liquidity and market makers to Eterbase platform in the future.

Additionally, we are in the process of finalizing our new trading interface and therefore we are offering you a short sneak peek.

Stay tuned for the start of our platform!

Eterbase Team

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