Saturday, 19 September 2020

Concourse to Run Leading Ethereum Tool as Creator Gasses Out

Ownership of one of the Ethereum ecosystem’s many useful tools changed hands today after its creator relinquished control to a fast-growing, community-oriented developer community.

Indeed, the Twitter account of ETH Gas Station – a two-year-old website providing metrics related to the Ethereum Gas market – shared on Monday evening that its ownership was henceforth being taken over by Concourse Open Community.

Regarding the future of ETH Gas Station’s creator – who goes by the username ‘latetot’ on Twitter and Reddit – they will be “going on to work on some other [Ethereum-related] projects,” ETH Gas Station went on to tweet.

About 2 years ago, I got interested in ethereum but was having issues with gas prices. I decided to create as an experiment and had a great time building it. Today I am happy to announce that @ConcourseOpen is taking over the site.

Self-described as “an open community for builders, enthusiasts and researchers working toward a free, bountiful and decentralized future for all humans,” Concourse is the entity behind many well-known Ethereum-oriented projects such as the Settle web-native operating system for decentralized finance and ConcourseQ, a platform for researching and reviewing initial coin offerings (ICOs) and blockchain projects.

Today’s news vis-à-vis Concourse attaining control of ETH Gas Station comes amid a busy quarter for the open-source developer community. Indeed, towards the end of February, Concourse unveiled its latest hit project: DeFi Pulse, a dashboard designed for monitoring the performance of numerous projects operating in the budding subsector of open finance – or DeFi, as it is commonly referred to as.

Roughly a month before the DeFi Pulse launch, Concourse – alongside developer Timur Badretdinov – also announced the alpha version launch of DEX.AG, an app that lets users instantly compare prices across non-custodial crypto exchanges. DEX.AG was a project born out of a Settle-hosted hackathon late last year. As its creator, Badretdinov was awarded first prize; winning $3,000 worth of ether (ETH) as a result. The sleek, user-friendly app now sits among a group of eight projects on Concourse’s website. Should the rate of the open-source community’s growth continue, one would expect the size of their product suite to reach double-digits in the not-too-distant future.

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