Tuesday, 20 March 2018

South Korea's finance minister on Friday sought to calm the cryptocurrency market after an announcement a day ago that the country's justice ministry was planning a ban on crypto exchanges, sending prices of digital currencies such as Bitcoin sharply lower.

A Beijing district court dismissed a lawsuit against a group of Chinese bitcoin exchanges, ruling that in the absence of clear evidence that exchanges are operating illegally, individuals are responsible for their own trading behavior.

It’s been a wild year for cryptocurrencies.
From bitcoin’s skyrocketing valuations to the harsh, high-profile dismissals of the cryptocurrency to the introduction of bitcoin futures to heightened demands for federal oversight of digital currencies, the news just hasn’t stopped.

China aims to eradicate the bitcoin mining industry due to concerns about its excessive electricity consumption and potential financial risks, the Financial Times reports.

In the crypto world, everyone knows you are a dog (meme). So it was with Dogecoin, originally created as a parody of crypto…and now as buoyant as some of the real deal.

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