Saturday, 19 September 2020

CREAMcoin at EXENIUM project - cryptocurrency trading service in messenger

CREAM team members were at the  exhibition Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia on Tuesday, Dec 12th 2017 . In the exhibition area anong all others , was  featured Exenium, a service that exchanges cryptocurrencies to fiat money using one of the common messengers.

EXENIUM is a full-functional cryptocurrency exchange implemented as a chat-bot for a messengers.

CREAM Team met  Exenium team at their stand at  Slovenia blockchain convention, and our conclusion was that this is the most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange!

User friendly exchange implemented in to your messenger. The CEO Mike Zevakin, did quick impressive  presentation on Telegram , by adding CREAMcoin (CRM/Exenium) on the exchange by pulling  CREAM price info from 

Exenium chatbot is available in the Facebook Messenger, WhatsUp, Discord, Viber and Telegram.  It allows purchasing the required cryptocurrency by writing several text messages.

Apart from buying and selling virtual coins, Exenium offers some special capabilities to manage funds and investments, including the Investment Management System (IMS) with the possibility of issuing investment portfolio tokens, the tool for providing ICO/ITO procedure directly in messengers.

Exenium maintains different cryptocurrencies developed on Ethereum (ERC20), Waves, and Bitshares tokens.

By CREAM team

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