Friday, 07 August 2020

Eterbase Partners with Darkpool Liquidity

Today we are proud to announce our partnership with liquidity provider Darkpool Liquidity.
At Eterbase we are planning to bridge the gap between fiat currency and cryptocurrency through negative trading fees, fiat gateways, regulatory compliance and the scheduled release of our crypto card in the first quarter of 2020. Taking all of this into consideration, Darkpool Liquidity is extremely confident that Eterbase exchange is a key player in the sector and will remain so in the coming years.

A Close Working Relationship Between Darkpool and Eterbase

We plan to work closely with Darkpool Liquidity over the coming years and are looking forward to a fruitful, long term partnership. It’s because of this that they have developed a liquidity program where they will provide every partner with liquidity services on our exchange. This will help improve the order book depth, tighten the spreads and ultimately increase the liquidity available for traders.
Our premium product will help our partners save on trading fees, especially since Eterbase has the cheapest trading fees in the industry — 0.01 for takers and a negative 50% split for makers.
Limit orders will generate revenue for the end-user making our spreads the tightest in the industry. All partners listed on the Eterbase exchange platform will benefit from the tight spreads and elevated liquidity. The platform’s users will be paid to place orders, with the full support of Darkpool Liquidity, their exclusive liquidity provider.

The Fastest and Most Secure API on the Market

Jon Eyrick, the two times Binance API competition winner and co-founder of Darkpool Liquidity, is the developer behind API. That means the program is built with full security. It is one of the most secure API’s available on the market today. Jon Eyrick has also pledged his lifelong support for the API and future updates.
Web sockets will be fully available for the developers who can perform technical analysis. They will be able to obtain notifications for new trades which will all be possible in just a few lines of code. The contributors can also post features, seek support as well as report bugs, among others.

About Darkpool Liquidity

Darkpool Liquidity is based in Seychelles and was formerly known as Shark CIA Liquidity. The platform has a wealth of experience in the field of liquidity provision in the crypto industry. They offer services such as marketing campaigns, liquidity, seed investing, automated marketing, advisory services and a number of other services.
Darkpool Liquidity is managed by two co-founders, Shawn Constable (the chief operating officer) and Jon Eryick, the Chief Technical Officer. They are highly skilled in their work and have managed to assist blockchain projects to launch successful campaigns. With this new partnership, Darkpool Liquidity will carry the responsibility of supporting every project Eterbase has to ensure that they prosper with a fraction of the usual costs of a liquidity provider.

By Eterbase Exchange
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