Friday, 10 July 2020


ETERBASE EXCHANGE will go live on 17.06.2019!

We are extremely delighted to inform all our community that ETERBASE EXCHANGE is going live in matter of hours.

It has been a long and difficult journey for us, but with the support of our community we have finally made it.

After going public we will still be adding more features and assets to our platform as our aim is to add 150–200 new assets this year paired with real EUR, PLN, CZK and other European currencies.

As mentioned shortly after we go public we will allow our customers to use IBANs and deposit FIAT on our platform. We are planning to extend these services globally if permitted by local laws and regulations.

ETERBASE team is currently discussing implementation of AMLD5 with local authorities mainly Ministry of Finance and Interior the detailed application and future regime for cryptocurrency exchanges, that is likely to result in licensing/registration of ETERBASE a.s. as wallet and exchange provider.

As per the future roadmap we will focus mainly on new asset classes, mobile app, margin trading and IEO platform.

Adding a very short overview of our platform so far:

We hope to see you soon on ETERBASE EXCHANGE!


Eterbase Team!

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