Monday, 14 October 2019

Gemini joins BT Radianz Cloud community

Cryptocurrency exchange and custodian Gemini Trust (Gemini) has joined the BT Radianz Cloud, a secure networked financial cloud community which consists of thousands of brokers, institutions, exchanges and clearing and settlement houses.

Founded in 2014 by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Gemini offers customers the ability to cross connect directly to its trading infrastructure -  matching the sophistication of major global equities and derivatives exchanges. By joining the Radianz Cloud, Gemini taps its global market reach and ability to scale with a commercial structure familiar to large institutions. Institutions that are already members of the Radianz Cloud community can benefit from the performance and reassurance of Radianz connectivity when accessing Gemini’s platform.

"No other cryptocurrency exchange in the world offers our calibre of top performance and breadth of connectivity options. Adding Radianz Cloud connectivity to our current low latency offerings in the NY5 data centre allows our existing institutional customer base to access our FIX interface whether they are directly connected or in AWS. This strengthens our institutional investor connectivity and helps us better scale our offerings in this space," says Nick Vigier, chief information officer at Gemini.

"Global financial institutions have very specific requirements about the performance, resilience and security of the infrastructure over which they trade,” says Michael Woodman, managing director of BT Radianz. “They expect stringent service levels and will only do business under trusted commercial frameworks that help them to meet their own contractual and compliance requirements. This can make it difficult for small or new service providers to grow. By joining the Radianz Cloud, Gemini achieves the reach and scale demanded by global institutions and benefits from an established framework for doing business with them.”

Through a single, resilient and secure network connection engineered for the exacting demands of the international financial markets industry, members of the Radianz Cloud can reliably access thousands of applications and services from more than 400 providers critical to the every-day running of the global financial sector.

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