Tuesday, 26 May 2020

CREAMcoin was voted, and will be listed at CryptalDash Exchange

Last week CREAMcoin was voted by the Cream community and supporters, to be listed on the new upcoming exchange Cryptaldash. Few days after the voting Cream Team was contacted by their marketing director Chyrrelle Pagadau and CEO of CryptalDash Amine Larhrib, and discussed about the legitimity of Creamcoin project listing ,and technical specifications of Creamcoin for further integration at their platform .

CryptalDash is a robust crypto exchange and trading platform. Equipped with institutional grade matching engine and third party crypto exchanges order routing capabilities, all located under one dashboard.”

Today CryptalDash came out with official statement on medium.com about the first phase coin listing:

Phase 1 Coin Listing Competition Winners Announced

You voted, you shared, you conquered! Community support for these coins was phenomenal! In the world of crypto, your coin is as strong as the support you get from your community. These coins definitely showed what strong community support can do. Congratulations to the first round of winners of the coin listing competition. They’re getting listed with us!

The five winners for Phase 1 are the following.

#1 HTML Coin (HTML

#2 Cream Coin (CRM)

#3 Colossus CoinXT (COLX)

#4 Unitus (UIS)

#5 Reddcoin (REDD)

It’s not too late for the other coins. You still have a shot at growing your coin and listing with us. Phase 2 of New Coin Listing Competition just started.

CryptalDash Exchange ICO is now on its final phase and will finish soon. Secure ICO tokens now before they sell out.

Cream Team is thankful to our supporters and community for this achievement, and of course to CryptalDash team for the listing, we are looking forward to grow together.

As stated in Creamcoin roadmap and whitepaper : 

"Cream coin project as a whole, will focus on helping, promoting and funding  crypto startups, inovations and entrepreneurs ideas, developing their own projects. In the same time we will offer to above mentioned individuals and companies to invest in their startups and ideas to help them pursue their goals."

Register to CryptalDash exchange today. It's not about Creamcoin here. It's about new exclusive exchange that will bring paralel trading on 6 other exchanges in the same time from the safety of your account.

There are many benefit of trading at CryptalDash. Worth to mention is that they also have a token, like Binance and there will be almost zero fees if you invest in their token. In general every good exchange that have own token, they make their own token always to rise in price gradually over months. Cryptopia have their own coin - DOT, that just a year ago, was 20 satoshis, now is 270 satoshis. Binance have their BNB token that initally been 0.00004000 BTC    now is stunishin 0.00176062 BTC. That is around 40 time higher. So if you if you register to CryptalDash you just can't loose. People are serious, and of course if they can't rise the price of their CRD token by 40 times, sure they can achieve 5 times right ? That's my opinion. Doesn't have to be accepted. They have a ready unique product. Check them, make your research.

source: CryptalDash

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