Saturday, 23 February 2019

In mid 2018 something extraordinary happened, ICO optimism faded due to rampant fraud and irregularities and crypto funds, and VC and digital asset marketplaces such as Bakkt and Fidelity took shape. The result is that the era of “crypto” buzz is coming to an end, but long live digital assets.

Per CoinMarketCap, total crypto market capped peaked at $795.8 billion on January 7, 2018. Since that time, we’ve lost over $680 billion in market cap. We’re down over 85%. Crypto total market cap bottomed at $102 billion. So at the bottom, crypto had lost $692 billion.

Most cryptocurrency pioneers would not call what they’re building “institutions.” The term reeks of centralization — it’s too unsexy. (Except when it’s “institutional capital”, then it’s welcomed with open arms.)

Creamcoin Marketcap