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Conn3x [C3X] Masternode setup guide

Conn3x C3X Masternode setup guide

“How to raise Conn3x C3X Masternode”

Masternode is feature integrated into Conn3x wallet that generates 90% reward from staking in every block. Wallet have buttons and fields that needs to be filled to raise a masternode.

To raise a masternode you will need to have 100.000 C3X that will go into masternode collateral address. Those coins are still yours, placed in your wallet, and masternode will run as long as they are into wallet. It's like you make a contract with yourself. Once you spent them, masternode will stop to generate profit for you. So avoid spending any coins from wallet that have masternode, to keep masternode functionality.

To get C3Xcoins point your x11 capable miners to the Conn3x [C3X] mining pool.
Download C3X wallet here.


Guide to setup a masternode (with images):

Start the wallet, go to “Conn3xNodes” menu item, and you will be presented with all running masternodes.
Click on “My Conn3xNodes” tab, then click on “Create” button to start creating your Conn3x masternode

A window will popup. Name your masternode in “Alias” field. In “Address” field type your external address:port in this format: 123.456.789.123:46044

Click on button “Copy Address” and send 100000 C3X to that address. Wait for 1 conformation then proceed with setup

Sending 100000 C3X to your copied collateral address. Yes it's your own Masternode address. Coins will still be in your wallet, it's like paying to yourself.

Go back to “Conn3xNodes” menu, in tab My Conn3xNodes and select your Conn3x masternode followed by clicking button “Get Config”

Here you must create a file named conn3x.conf, make sure you follow the screenshot steps.
File must be created in Conn3x working folder which is different on different Os's
Windows location sample: C:\Users\Crypto\AppData\Roaming\Conn3x\

Save the file.
Contents of that "conn3x.conf" file should looks like this example:


If you are not comfortable making file with *.conf extension download ready made file and just replace your masternode configuration inside.

DOWNLOAD conn3x.conf file here.

After saving conn3x.conf file you can proceed by starting your masternode

Select your Conn3x masternode in MyConn3xNodes and click button “Start

You should get a success message. Shortly your masternode IP will be listed in Conn3xNodes menu.

If you are not getting a success, please repeat the process and/or Restart the wallet.



 Miners can point their x11 miners to the mining pool to get more coins.

Mining setup

Mining setup is easy:
If you dont have mining asics, just rent them at miningrigrentals at very cheap prices and point rented rigs to C3X mining pool.

Algorithm: X11
Username: Your C3X personal address
Password: Anything

Stratum (difficulty 8): stratum+tcp://
Stratum (difficulty 0.05): stratum+tcp://
Stratum (difficulty 256): stratum+tcp://

Happy mining.

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