Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Bitcoin.com Wallet Integrates ShapeShift to Allow for BTC/BCH ‎Conversion

This model provides superior consumer protection and makes cryptocurrency exchange a no-‎hassle process‎.
Bitcoin.com’s multi-cryptocurrency wallet has integrated the ShapeShift API to allow ‎users to ‎quickly convert between each supported altcoin within the wallet without the user ‎having to leave the application. Users can now shift between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) directly within the Bitcoin.com Wallet.

ShapeShift.io is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service which, outside of their API product, offers a user-‎friendly website for direct multi-coin transactions. ‎The importance of this offering is that ShapeShifts’ extensive API is used by many third parties as the back-end to power services helping to provide liquidity to cryptocurrencies.

This model provides superior consumer protection as it doesn’t warehouse sensitive ‎private information. It also makes cryptocurrency exchange a no-hassle process, with users selecting their ‎desired coin, specifying the payout address, and experiencing the conversion ‎only moments after their deposit is received.‎

ShapeShift recently announced integrations with several digital currency wallets and developers such as Coinomi and Spanish blockchain startup Aragon. ‎

Bitcoin.com is an unofficial bitcoin news and information site headed by Roger Ver, aka “Bitcoin Jesus”. Bitcoin Cash, which forked away from the original Bitcoin network in August 2017, has been integrated into all the company’s wallets in September.

Commenting on the news, Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver, said: ‎“This partnership with ShapeShift makes it simple for anyone to convert their Bitcoin Core to ‎Bitcoin Cash, or vice versa. This is also a major milestone ‎for the Bitcoin.com Wallet and moves us one step closer to our goal of offering a ‎comprehensive Bitcoin platform of tools and services in addition to standard wallet features.”‎

Erik Voorhees, CEO and Founder of ShapeShift, added: ‎“Bitcoin.com has worked hard to make itself a comprehensive resource for the Bitcoin and ‎blockchain communities. Offering their ‎wallet users the ability to shift between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash within the comfort of their ‎wallet is a great success and we are happy to offer the services to make this feature possible.”‎

source: financemagnates.com
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