Sunday, 05 July 2020

One of the Central Banks said: Bitcoin is here to stay

You wouldn't expect a central bank to say this about bitcoin Bitcoin is going mainstream.

When central banks – some of the slowest-moving, most conservative organisations in the world, in any country – acknowledge that bitcoin is here to stay, it’s time to pay attention.

The latest nod of approval comes from Finland’s central bank.

Economists at the Bank of Finland recently looked under the hood of bitcoin.

They presented their findings in a detailed research paper, in which they called the idea behind bitcoin “revolutionary”.

Not exactly what you’d expect to hear from a central bank.

But it echoes the optimism big shot Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, billionaire Wall Street titans and the world’s wealthiest families hold for cryptocurrencies.

One of these cryptocurrencies is already up 348 percent this year. That’s 36 times more than your average stock.

No wonder a former Goldman Sachs partner called it the “best investment” in his life.

Despite the spectacular gains so far, my colleague – and one of Asia’s most connected cryptocurrency experts – Tama Churchouse believes the best is yet to come for cryptocurrencies.

Right now, China is in the midst of a large regulatory crackdown on its cryptocurrency exchanges. That's fueling a big correction in prices, and opening the door to folks who missed out on the last big bull run, to get in before the next one.

Tama says it's time for investors to get off the sidelines and start taking action – cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and in this special report he outlines his top three.

If you want to potentially make up to 50 times your money from this revolution…then here’s what you have to do.


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