Saturday, 19 September 2020

Samourai Wallet: Privacy comes first

The developers of Samourai Wallet have long been one of the greatest advocates of freedom and privacy. They openly fight instruments used by private companies and governments with intentions to persecute citizens who use cryptocurrencies. It should be added that they are doing very well in this field.

Since Samourai Wallet was created to protect the privacy of users, it is not surprising that in this area it excels over other wallets. So, of course, Samourai does not collect any data about the user, both digital and biometric – so it cannot be expected that the wallet will ever have a function to be unlocked by fingerprint or will have multi-factor authentication.

For communication with Samourai servers it uses an anonymized TOR network connection – data and user identity including IP address are thus protected.

Why should I care about my privacy? I have nothing to hide.

In the world of the Internet, where we all leave a lasting digital footprint, privacy is a very underestimated commodity. Very few people realize that their data is collected and stored for decades on backups of various systems.

Just as we could not imagine the Internet in its present form twenty years ago, we do not know what will happen in the next 20 years. But we know that international corporations collect data about us and often sell it to other companies or make it available to governments.

China and its transformation into a digital dictatorship of the 21st century, taken from George Orwell's novel, show us a good picture of what might theoretically happen.

In this respect, Bitcoin is currently somewhat double-edged – giving individuals the opportunity to regain financial independence and exchange freely, on the other hand, its open transparent blockchain acts as an open book in which everyone can browse through the transactional history of all involved.

For this reason, we must actively defend ourselves now and not allow anyone to analyze how people have exchanged at any time in the future and thus be able to persecute them in any way.


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