Tuesday, 21 January 2020

2018 is the year of the Hard Fork and wouldn’t you know it, 3 different hard forks started trading recently on some exchanges. In this article, I’m going to lay out what these forks are, where the software is published and how to claim them if you dare.

They disappeared into thin air. The creator of virtual currency bitcoin wrote a brief email under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto in April of 2011 in which they stated they will now move on to other things.

The recent rally in digital currencies has brought another cryptocurrency into the limelight. Say hello to Tron (TRX), which has gained more than 538 percent in the last five days and broke into the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world.

This space is amazing. First, we stole the greatest creation of wealth from the rich, then distribute it almost evenly to people regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, or intellectual level.

It's all about Ripple these days, we are sure that almost everyone thinks about Ripple and how high it can go, right?
Well that must have some background that needs to be explained, which those guys already did well, so please listen the audio before you decide what investment steps should be triggered about Ripple and what to expect.

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