Thursday, 13 August 2020

Apple Pay’s VP just called cryptocurrency ‘interesting’ — which is dumb

Yeah, we're all interested, that's why we're here

Apple Pay‘s vice president, Jennifer Bailey, has revealed her company thinks cryptocurrency is “interesting.” Wow, so brave.

According to CNN, Bailey even double-downed on that fearless description, confirming that Apple thinks it has “interesting long-term potential,” whatever the fuck that means.

Not only is that statement as bland as Apple’s branding, it’s incredibly vague. Which cryptocurrency? Bitcoin? Ethereum?

A token picked at random from a shitcoin factory like Binance?

Who cares! Cryptocurrency is “interesting.” Talk about disruption.

Aside from being “interested,” Bailey said her employer is “watching cryptocurrency.”

Again, in what capacity? Are Apple execs addictively checking Bitcoin‘s price, or are they stuck watching CRYPTO on repeat because of an odd obsession with Kurt Russell?

In reality, it’s probably none of them. This is likely how Apple has decided to pander to the Bitcoin crowd, and judging by how the media has responded already — it’s (sadly) working.

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