Monday, 01 June 2020

KPMG Partners Guardtime To Provide Blockchain Solutions To Clients

Big four auditing firm KPMG is partnering Dutch enterprise blockchain firm Guardtime to provide blockchain-powered solutions and services to its clients.
The partnership will help KPMG's clients to harness the potential of blockchain technology to build transparent, traceable, and secure business processes and tools.

Guardtime builds new digital products and services using proprietary technology to provide blockchain-enabled solutions to both public and private entities.

Under the partnership, KPMG and Guardtime will work with companies to help address complex business issues in the areas of supply chain, data rights management, compliance procurement, finance, identity management, cloud audit, migration governance and security.

The partnership will use KPMG's deep business and technical experience along with Guardtime's blockchain platform to transform businesses in areas that are hindered by manual processes and where data accuracy, trust, and security are of greatest importance.

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KPMG clients will be able to use Guardtime's blockchain platform to build scalable solutions that integrate easily into legacy business processes and applications.

The use of blockchain platform will provide immutable data integrity for electronic data as well as immutable process integrity, while simplifying the compliance, audit and security requirements for organizations.

Using KPMG's blockchain enablement services, KPMG professionals will work with Guardtime to provide strategy, assessment, as well as design and implementation services across many industries.

source: RTTnews
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