Tuesday, 11 August 2020

ConsenSys and AMD Seek to Improve the Blockchain Cloud Infrastructure

What does it mean to develop Blockchain-based cloud computing infrastructure? I’m really bullish on dApps and specifically that cloud computing architecture will be optimized to support decentralized applications.

The hybrid projects here are very relevant to the on-boarding of cryptoeconomics and decentralization on the future of business and transactions.

2019 is a year of consolidation, partnerships and new blockchain consortiums and hybrid products. If crypto’s future remains uncertain, the Cloud’s future is well established with YOY growth that’s very solid. Here blockchain software company ConsenSys, semiconductor producer AMD, and Abu-Dhabi-based investment management firm Halo Holdings are jointly working on a blockchain-based cloud computing infrastructure makes a lot of sense.

In an era where AWS isn’t beloved to open-source, and Microsoft thinks it can buy out open-source talent and IBM thinks it has a Red Hat future, how the developers working on smart contracts and dApps syncs with the Cloud could be really key to the future. The Cloud is increasingly consolidating blockchain advances and as blockchain-as-a-service is maturing, so too will the digital asset marketplace occur on the cloud, which is one of the reasons Microsoft is in partnership with the likes of Bakkt who are launching soon.

Here we are seeing experiments in technological innovation. In this triad each company comes up with their experience and expertise to develop the new product where ConsenSys can share its knowledge in the field of blockchain applications and transactions, while AMD will provide technological solutions to scale and support decentralized networks and services.

Here is where someone like Alibaba I think has tremendous growth both as a Cloud leader and a company that has a large number of blockchain based patents. Alibaba Cloud’s BaaS supports enterprise-level blockchain applications on the two platforms of Hyperledger Fabric and Ant Blockchain. AMD is no NVIDIA but is very well diversified, and ConsenSys has a lot to prove.

The new collaboration, “W3BCLOUD,” will build blockchain cloud workload solutions powered by AMD hardware which will be used to support government and commercial requirements. Enterprise blockchain services could have a rather good year in 2019. IBM has done incredible things with the enterprise blockchain already, that many crypto enthusiasts aren’t aware of.

ConsenSys already provides cloud hosting with its Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud suite, launched with AWS in May last year. ConsenSys is everywhere and nowhere, so to get a partnership with someone like AMD is really interesting.

W3BCLOUD also hopes to “accelerate” the adoption of decentralized applications and be the “first independent cloud computing blockchain infrastructure.” You can read the PDF here. Not surprisingly, the new company will build data center products to support blockchain-based workloads and applications, with a focus on Ethereum.

By Michael K. Spence
source: medium.com 
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