Saturday, 04 July 2020

Why do Cryptocurrency bull runs tend to happen at the end of the year?

They actually don't.

If you look at the last bull runs

1. Bitcoin went form $6,500 on November 15th to $19,800 on December 18th, doing 3x within 33 days.

2. The bull run before that went from $176 on October 18th to $1,132 on November 29th, doing an 8x within 42 days.

3. The bull run before that went from $48 on March 18th to $213 on April 9th, doing a 6x within 42 days.

4. The bull run before that went from $1.67 on April 26th to $30 on June 6th, doing an 18x within 42 days.

5. The bull run before that went from $0.31 on January 19th to $1.06 on February 14th, doing a 3x within 26days.

2 were at the end of the year while 3 were at the beginning of the year.

Maybe because the last 2 bull runs were at the end of the year, you thought it happens more often. But it doesn't. :)

By Marius Kramer
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