Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Brokers Escape from Europe, EOS Blames Users: Best of the Week

Catch up on the last week best crypto stories:

CVC Partners Asia Fund acquires OANDA

Brokerage OANDA is coming under the leadership of investment fund CVC Asia Fund IV, although OANDA CEO Vatsa Narasimha is expected to retain his role.

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed yet. Narasimha said: “I am excited by the change in ownership and the next phase of OANDA’s development.

Fintech firm adds Bitcoin Cash and XRP trading, raises $250 million

London-based mobile bank Revolut now offers Bitcoin Cash and Ripple transactions via a partnership with Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp.

The firm is now worth $1.7 billion and aims to increase its customer base from 2 to 100 million by 2023.

Mastercard marks unregulated brokeages and ICO projects

Mastercard has sent out an email to payment processors warning them that unregulated brokeages that offer forex, CFD and binary options trading and ICO projects as “high-risk securities merchants”.

Effective from the 12th of October 2018, 6 months from the date of receipt, related transactions will be categorized into a special group that has a card acceptor business code 6211.

Mastercard is not alone

It is very likely that VISA will follow the lead of Mastercard as it was revealed that several regulators and government agencies are taking part in its new action.

A letter to a related bank which requested additional information explains that Mastercard’s move was encouraged by authorities as a result of multiple complaints received against merchants.

Exclusive look at JP Morgan’s new blockchain

A source from JPMorgan spoke to Finance Magnates about the bank’s new blockchain-based system for working with debt.

He confirmed that the “Ethereum-style” blockchain will automatically convert fiat currency to the platform’s as-yet-unnamed native coin before being converted back into fiat.

Cypriot exodus

EU regulations for foreign exchange brokers recently got much tougher, and as a result, dozens of brokerages are looking to sell their Cypriot licences.

Daire Ferguson told Finance Magnates that the firm is ready to expand through acquisitions of foreign exchange brokers as companies react to new EU regulations.

“Many companies see ESMA’s new regulation as the end of the road. We feel quite the opposite. AvaTrade sees it as an opportunity for expansion,” said Ferguson.

Dubai calling

Several big foreign exchange companies have filed applications with the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

CMC Markets, LCG and Pepperstone are amongst the firms looking to expand in the wake of heightened regulations in Europe.

EOS defends flaw

A “critical vulnerability” in the smart contract structure was found by a security audit firm, similar to a flaw which recently allowed hackers to create an unlimited amount of tokens out of thin air.

The finding was published in Medium – EOS CTO Dan Larimer responded by saying that the fault lies with the creators of the smart contracts. He claimed that there is nothing wrong with EOS itself.

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