Friday, 07 August 2020

CREAMcoin Notice

In the past few days you saw that  CREAMcoin-CRM price went down drastically, on  crashed ...reason why ?  
We just receive an email from unknown investor, claiming that huge amount of his CREAM coins were stolen. Besides his loss in Bitcoin, he thought that responsible thing to do is to notify CREAMteam to be alert ,and take some measures in that matter.

In solidarity with his loss and to protect CREAM project from further damages, we will investigate and try to help him. In the meantime CREAMteam will hold on, on our new project activities , just to focus on this security breech, and make sure that theirs no other open security whole.
So far we think that , during the process of extracting his BTG from the wallet, there was keylogger malware on his PC, but still under review. 
The theft of Bitcoin Gold and the corresponding amount of Bitcoin is just one in a series of breeches in the past weeks, where funds were lost or compromised, intentionally or not, underlining the high risk of handling cryptocurrencies.

Please make sure that you don't have a virus by scanning your entire system with good antitivrus program.

by CREAMteam

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