Thursday, 24 January 2019

Creamcoin paper wallet & web wallet interaction

Ceamcoin web and paper wallet

As you know, Creamcoin had problems with web wallet not sending coins. Web wallet depends on API code that seems does not work well and it needs updates and bug fixes.
Result was some of users got stuck with their CRM there. After several days we put web wallet down, but nice amounts was already deposited. Bad news was that private key
at the web wallet is not importable in Windows Qt.


Here comes the paper wallet.
Web wallet generated 51 characters private key that can not be imported into web wallet, but also it generates "brain key" that can be converted into 52 characters private key
which CAN be imported into Windows qt. Importing into wallet means that user gain full access to his coins.
Paper wallet made for Creamcoin, actually 2 different paper wallets does that. The can convert the "Brain Key" into importable WIF private key.


You can still use web wallet for cold storage of Creamcoins, and whenever you need to get access, just go to "Brain wallet" tab of the creampaper wallets
and where it says: "Enter Passphrase:" put your exported "Brain key" and click "view". Given result will be importable WIF private key, that u can use it everywhere to get access to your coins.

Settings/Export private keys/copy Brain key


Copy bran wallet key

Go to (Brain wallet) tab, and paste Brain wallet key, then click View:

Result will appear in right bottom corner as you can see on screenshot below. That private key is WIF, Wallet Import Format key, which can be imported in Windows wallet without any error.


How to import in Windows wallet? See screenshot below. Just open windows wallet, go to tab "help.Debag window" Open console and type without qoutes: 



That's it.


Creamteam already recovered all coins stuck at web wallet, at least for those people who supplied us with brain keys. All others, if there is still users who have something there, from now on, they can do it by themselves.

Both CRM paper wallet are accessible at following links:

Reagrds, theCREAMteam.

Creamcoin Marketcap