Tuesday, 11 August 2020

CREAM coin listed today on Yobit and Cryptopia

Distribution process of the CREAM coin began wright after the Crowdsale and besides the issues in the past few weeks Cream team managed to stay on track and stick to the road map.

On behalf of the investors and some individuals on 27th of July Cream was listed on Novaexhange.com, without CREAM Team approval. Regardless, CREAM code is an open source ,and we couldn't argue investors and miners desire, so we let it ride ,and it' wasn't dissapointing for everybody.

In the mean time you were witnessing wallet issues, both Windows and Mac, which were fixed with the newest versions .In the near future we will release new online wallet and explorer ,just to insure better and faster view, and processing of the transactions. The issue with the online wallet still exists, but the solution is on the way. CREAM Team is dedicated and will recover all the CRM  stucked in the web wallets. In the next few days  will release a form where you can submit you information and provide CRM address where you will receive your coins.

As part of the roadmap and to ensure value and liquidity, CREAM coin today, 25 th of August 2017, was listed on two exchanges, Yobit.net with CRM index, and Cryptopia.co.nz.  Cryptopia listed us  with  full name CREAM, and  has 3 trading pairs with, CREAM/BTC, CREAM/LTC and CREAM/DOGE. We hope that todays listings will bring new investors, stable trading and massive liquidity, taking the price of CREAM coin to another level.

In matter of our CREAM LINE ,besides the media CREAM CRYPTO NEWS operating at  http://www.cream.technology , in the next month CREAM Team in cooperation with Taiwanese company will come up with  the first product which will carry our logo.

CREAM TEAM is thankful  to all investors and supporters, in any possible point of view, open for cooperation with all the parties, to proceed and realize our CREAM project to the full extension and beyond .

The most important thing is that CREAM TEAM is here to stay .

Best Regards, 


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