Monday, 25 May 2020

CREAMcoin ICO Initial Coin Offering


CREAM have chosen four main ways of distribution of the CREAMcoin: Crowdsale, Mining, Staking and through Merchants gateway acceptance.

CREAM crowdsale is initiated by CREAM team, to ensure funds for developing projects stated in Cream whitepaper. CREAM Crowdsale is hosted by CREAM team on Cream website until 1st of July, at midnight GMT. Total 30.000.000 (Thirty millions) coins will be distributed to the investors by Cream crowdsale with initial price of 0.00000200 BTC in the first part where 15.000.000 CRM will be distributed, and 0.00000300 BTC per CRM where another 15.000.000 CRM will be distributed in the second part of the crowdsale. Funds will be collected on Cream website using payment processor of which will generate invoice for every single investment. Every potential investor needs to fullfill the form on that invoice, which will not require registration, or contain any private information. Investor must provide just correct email address which is essential for invoice delivery, coin distribution information, and future contact.

Cream Crowdsale will be counted as successful if more then 50% or 15M coins are sold and the rest coins will be burned. In case if it is not successuful, funds will be returned to investors. If crowdsale is successful CREAM coins will be distributed to investors in the first week after crowdsale ends, aproximatelly from 1st until 7th of July.


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