Friday, 05 June 2020

CREAMcoin mining specification

What is it that you desire? Often people do not have a clue what it is they want, they just know what they do not want. Now is a good time to evaluate your goals and determine the end result.

Another way that Cream team have chosen to distribute CREAM coins is mining which have precise defined block reward stated on cream official website. Mining will start in the next 24h after crowdsale ends, on several mining pools, as well as multipools.

General specification

Name: Cream 
Ticker: CRM 
Algo X11 
Block time: 240 sec 
Block size 4MB 
Mined coins mature in 100 blocks 
Tx confirmation 5 blocks

Mining specification

block # 2–50–100 CRM
block # 51–2000–4000 CRM
block # 2001–4000–3000 CRM
block # 4001–6000–2000 CRM
block # 6001–8000–1000 CRM
block # 8001–16000–500 CRM
block # 16001–32000–100 CRM
block # 32001–64000–50 CRM
block # 64001–128000–10 CRM
block # 128001–10000000–1 CRM



Staking is just one of the methods that is used for distribution and generating coins as well as revenue without mining or any other special equipment.


Minimum stake age 36h
No Maximum PoS age
block 1 to 32000–20
block 32001–2

Gateway and CRM acceptance:

Possibility of gateway acceptance of CREAM on 3rd party websites that offer products and services will further help in distribution process as well as generating demand for CREAM.


Creamcoin Marketcap