Saturday, 19 September 2020

Creamcoin Online Wallet - Cream VAULT

Cream team developed advanced type of online wallet - Presenting the Cream Vault. By now you will have heard about cryptocurrencies in way shape or form because they have firmly planted themselves in our lives and it looks as though they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.
In fact they appear to have had such an effect on the world that only a few years ago, governments and banking institutions were against any comprehension of any cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was constantly being labelled as a fraud, bubble, scam, any negative word you could use to describe bitcoin, it was being used. However, if we fast-forward to the present day we currently live in a period of time where there are governments and banks that are actually experimenting and contemplating using certain cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, in order to be more progressive and move with the times. If anything, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by society has forced everyone’s hand to be more accepting and fulfill the needs of the public.

So with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and their progressive nature, it is only logical that other technology should follow suit and play catch up. One area that is constantly playing catch up is the cryptocurrency wallet sector, as they are always falling behind and fans, investors and traders consistently shout to the heavens for divine intervention. However there is one cryptocurrency wallet that has managed to address the problems that many wallets face right now, which is the fact that most of them are playing catch up. CREAM Vault on the other hand actually offers flawless and up to date technology to suit even the most avid of cryptocurrency investor.

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So CREAM Team is presenting  the most sophisticated on-line wallet - CREAM Vault :

Cream Vault basically is programmed to be very simple, clean and safe.
User can deposit, store, withdraw or send internally to another username or email that is registered on the Vault without fee.
All transactions and confirmations are visible and linked to Cream explorer.
All transactions must be approved by email to be processed.
Creamers can even change or add their avatar.

CREAM VAULT airdrop 
Vault is still in early beta, so beta testers are welcomed.
See more info about Airdrop for beta testers here:
First 500 users that enter this program will be awarded with 100 CRM each.

Contributor must follow us on 2 twitter accounts and enter Telegram group for communication.
And of course register on Cream Vault to get free CRM coins.

Twitter 1:
Twitter 2:

Distribution will start right after 500 members have full eligibility to receive CRM.
Remember: Contributor must follow us on 2 twitter accounts and enter Telegram group for communication.

Of course, there will be a mobile version, Android and IOS applications of the CREAM Vault, to make sure that people can access their cryptocurrencies wherever they want, and this makes the access to a wallet much more available since they won’t need to be at a computer. Those applications will be matching the functionality of CREAM TELLER MACHINE- CTM, two way BTM with implemented CREAMcoin, which is in test mode and should be released in the near future.

One of the main characteristics that sets the CREAM Vault apart from other cryptocurrency wallets is the fact that is in the middle of growing in many different ways. One of those ways is that it is adding popular cryptocurrencies to its repertoire, such as bitcoin, litecoin and doge, so CREAM users in the near future will safely store more than just CREAM coins in their vault. With quite a lot of wallet applications out there, they are only built to house their own cryptocurrency, but the fact that CREAM is taking things a step further will open up themselves up to more people to use flexible wallets like this one.

Right now there is huge competition between cryptocurrency wallets and other storage devices, and in order for a wallet to attract more users it has to have some noticeable features, and one CREAM Vault is no exception. Right now Cream Team has plans for the future to allow for blockchain integration for the  rewards programs to certain companies, internal transaction services,  as well as other services too. This will ascend CREAM as a whole into the next level of cryptocurrency status as not many other wallet services are thinking of implementing this sort of service.

Right now, most of the wallets you see available today are all the same, and this has polluted the pool but CREAM Vault is one to watch in the future, because even if CREAMcoin is relatively unknown at this point, the future developments by the CREAM Team will certainly transcend itself beyond what anyone would think is possible.


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