Friday, 29 May 2020

Creamcoin update, new wallets - Masternode ROI increased

The concept of a CREAM masternode is giving the opportunity to the operators to receive monetary rewards for running this CREAM node, yet they also need to provide a financial stake of their own. It is due time we take a closer look at CREAM masternode , exactly why this concept so far in Cream protocol was too low in rewards ?

It is important to understand how the CREAM ecosystem works before one can see the value of a masternode. CREAM, as a privacy-centric altcoin, uses a proof-of-work system similar to the one found in bitcoin. However, that is only part of the ecosystem that allows users to earn money. Not everyone is able to contribute to the network as a miner, which is why CREAM masternode was introduced.
Much like proof of stake, CREAM masternode rely on staking a certain amount of CREAM coins within the currency’s network. To establish a masternode, first you need to buy a substantial amount , which is 100000 CREAM coins.

Look at a CREAM masternode as a special server that is maintained at all times. CREAM masternode is trustless and decentralized, similar to how bitcoin nodes operate. There is a major difference, though, as CREAM masternodes take care of the anonymous part of the Darksend protocol, similar as the DASH protocol, users can send transactions anonymously by using this feature directly from their CREAM wallet.

So in general, ROI is depending on how many nodes are part of the ecosystem at the specific time.
Till now, CREAM masternodes were earning the same share per block reward – 20% . For example, with 30 masternodes in February 2018 , the individual CREAM masternode was earning 1.5% ROI per year, which was around 1500 CRMs per year.

Considering the increased number of CREAM masternodes would decrease the ROI , and due to the CREAM community complains and suggestions, CREAM Team decided to do minor code changes .These code changes will increase earnings share per block reward up to 95%, so the ROI on individual masternode will be much more attractive for the current and future investors.
Creamcoin Masternode 95%

This CREAM masternode changes required certain wallet changes, so in the same time CREAM Team is releasing three new versions of our existing wallets ,Linux ,Windows and Mac versions.
With almost 5 times increased ROI, Cream is expected to have more and more masternodes in the future which will lock more CRM out of exchanges. It's proven to have positive effect on the market and to drive the price up soon.

Source code has been updated to support masternode increased ROI from 20% to 95% !!! and to reflect changes over all Cream services and wallets.


Cream PORTS have been updated too:
P2PPort: 45066
RPCPort: 45077

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